Where Do You Find Inspiration at Work?

Where Do You Find Inspiration at Work?

13:52 15 February in Starting a Business

214dabb2-b29c-4084-b25c-aab0008f7923There are plenty of things that motivate us to work hard. Money, job security, ambition, and satisfaction in a job well done are among the most common.

But motivation is only half of the equation to success. The other half is inspiration.

Without something to inspire us, no matter how motivated we are, it’s going to be practically impossible to achieve superior success.

So where can we find inspiration to fuel our motivation and ambition? Here are a couple of ideas.

Hawaii SEO — Inspiration in Routine

Many creative people find inspiration from following the same routine. This can include such things as getting up at the same time every morning and following exactly the same steps as you prepare to do your work.

Routine habits like savoring that first cup of coffee, taking your time during your morning shower, or even brushing your teeth can lead to some of the most creative ideas.

So by the time you are ready to sit down and get to work, you already have a treasure trove of inspiration to work with.

Hawaii SEO — Disruption

Other people find routines to be the enemy of inspiration and prefer to shake things up in order to shake new ideas out from their hiding places.

Even for those who value routine, disruption can occasionally be a positive way to inspire new ideas — especially when they are having a hard time coming up with something new.

Often times, walking away from your work for a few minutes or longer is a good way to change the paradigm. Getting away from the familiar can spark your brain to work in different ways, which can lead to innovation.

Hawaii SEO — Soothing the Mind

Another great way to promote inspiration is to find ways to relax the mind as well as the body. Keeping physically fit can help reduce anxiety and clear the mind. Meditation is another way to clear your head of distracting thoughts.

Everybody is different. So you will need to find your own path to inspiration. But these steps can help get you started.



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