Living in Hawaii Is Weird, but Awesome!

Living in Hawaii Is Weird, but Awesome!

16:23 08 November in Starting a Business

machoAlthough Hawaii Web Agency works with clients all over the world, every day we wake up and go through our day in one of the most exotic, naturally beautiful places in the world.

It’s easy to take Hawaii for granted, especially when you spend most days and nights in front of a computer. But once in a while, it is worthwhile to stop and consider what a strange and incredible place in which we get to live and work.

Hawaii SEO — “Seriously Extraordinary Opportunities”

Hawaii is part of the United States, but it has a culture and community that is unique from the mainland. That’s one of its attractions. Every year, millions of visitors travel to Hawaii’s eight main islands to experience the tropical island culture.

For example, Hawaii is the only state that has its own language and its own alphabet. The Hawaiian alphabet has only 13 letters and every word — and every syllable, in fact — ends with one of its five vowels.

The Hawaiian language offers a lot more nuance than English. For example, that apostrophe-like mark that is seen in many Hawaiian words is called an “okina”. It’s actually a separate consonant that indicates a slight pause should be taken.

Two words that are spelled alike but are differentiated from an okina have entirely different meanings. For example, in Hawaiian, the word “moa” means “chicken”, but “mo’a” means cooked.

So cooked chicken would be “moa mo’a”.

Hawaii SEO — Growing Larger Every Day

Another weirdly cool thing about Hawaii is that it’s the only state that is actually getting bigger.

On the Big Island, the volcano Kilauea has been continually erupting for more than 30 years. And for each of those years, it has added about another 42 acres to the island’s land mass.

One more cool fact about living in Hawaii: People live longer her than anywhere else in the US. The life expectancy of people living in Hawaii is 81.3 years, the highest in the US.



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