Offer Your Customers Incentives to Return to Your Business

Offer Your Customers Incentives to Return to Your Business

13:17 14 December in Starting a Business

seoBusinesses today face exponentially more competition than they did in the past. That’s because many customers now go online to look for the products and services they want.

From a consumer’s perspective, the internet is a godsend. It lets them scroll through thousands of different vendors so they can find the best price and the best quality in — literally — microseconds.

From a business viewpoint, however, the rise of digital media means a lot more competition. So innovative businesses need to come up with new ways to capture a larger share of online customers if they hope to succeed.

That’s where customer incentives can come into play.

Hawaii SEO — Offering Incentives to Customers

Incentives are anything that motivates customers to return to your business over your competitors. They can include such things as lower prices, bigger selection, personalized customer service, or all of the above.

Incentives also can include things like rewards and recognition programs that show how much you appreciate your customers. These can be things such as special discounts for repeat business, birthday “presents” in the form of free products or big once per year discounts, or two-for-one sales.

Hawaii SEO — Recognizing Your Best Customers

People naturally like to feel as if they are special. So when you treat all of your customers like VIPs, they are more likely to return to your business over your competitors.

With just a little bit of code, you also can use your customers’ names as often as possible — something that also appeals to people’s desire to be recognized. And you can personalize their online experience by remembering their preferences — which can help you upsell customers so they spend more money with your business.

While the rise in online shopping has created challenges for small businesses, technology also has enabled savvy companies to exploit its benefits to maximize profits and build market share.



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