Getting Back to Basics with Search Engine Optimization

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Getting Back to Basics with Search Engine Optimization

12:37 05 September in Blogs

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 2.20.51 AMWhile the algorithmic functions search engines like Google and Bing! use to rank and display websites are highly complicated, search engine optimization itself is actually fairly simple and straightforward.

All your business has to do to get your website listed at the top of the search engine results for your keywords is to appeal to the search engines more than your competitors.

And the simplest way to do this is to simply give them what they want.

Oahu SEO — Keywords Matter

The first thing search engine algorithms look at when scanning your website are your keywords.  These are the important words or phrases that best describe what your website is all about.

When you include your keywords in the places that search engines are looking for them, your website will automatically rank higher than other websites with the same keywords in the wrong places or that lack the keywords altogether.

So how can you tell which keywords to use? It’s simple. Just think about what people would type into Google if they were looking for businesses or websites like yours.

Oahu SEO — High-Value Content

Google and other search engines are most popular because they provide their users with high-value content. That means they list links to websites that people can actually use or find valuable.

So to get your website ranked higher, all you need to do is to provide high-value content. This can include information about your business or industry. Or it could be blog posts, videos, or other content that people will actually find useful.

Oahu SEO — Keep It Simple

How your website looks also is important to search engines. If you have a cluttered, complicated website, it’s not going to rank as well as competitors with cleaner, more appealing web pages.

To get ranked higher on Google, keep it simple.



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