Hawaiian Companies Have a Global Profile


Hawaiian Companies Have a Global Profile

14:33 03 August in Blogs

mapThanks to the world wide web, local businesses don’t deal exclusively with local customers. In fact, many Hawaii-based companies have clients all over the world.

Tourism remains the state’s biggest industry. Hawaii’s biggest companies include Outrigger Hotels & Resorts, Big Island Air, and Mokulele Airlines.

But Hawaii is also home to many major corpirations that deal with clients on the mainland as well as all over the world. These include Hawaiian Electric Industries, Hawaiian Telecom, Alexander & Baldwin, Dole Food Company, and Aloha Petroleum.

Hawaii Web Design — Think Local, Act Global

Everything in Hawaii is affected by our unique tropical environment and island culture. Nowhere else in the world has the weather we enjoy and the natural beauty we often take for granted. It’s the biggest reason so many people from all over the world visit the Hawaiian Islands each year.

It’s practically impossible for businesses based in Hawaii not to be affected by the state’s culture. You can see it in the way our home companies’ websites look and feel. It’s not unusual to see images or symbols of Hawaii interspersed with the rest of their content.

Hawaii Web Design — Dealing with Global Customers

We Hawaiians are proud of our culture. And we should be. As long as the unique nature of our community doesn’t interfere with the way we interact with our customers, keeping our websites distinctly Hawaiian is a positive thing.

But increasingly, it’s important to remember that the people dealing with your business could be from places far away. They may not even realize that your business is based in Hawaii.

Unless you work in an industry that is Hawaii-centric, such as tourism, it may not always be necessary to use Hawaiian images on your web pages.

If it’s appropriate, go for it. But if it’s not necessary, Hawaiian imagery may actually confuse clients.


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