Package Design

The packaging is the main element of connection and communication between the consumer, the product and the brand. It is one of the main factors driving product sales. If the packaging is not consistent with the product, not bringing the attention of those who buy it, chances are that the consumer will not even notice the product on the shelf. Practicality, Comfort, Protection, Convenience and Commodity. Please check out at the end of this page and get to know more about packaging planning and our process.

Packaging Planning – The beginning of the creative process:

Before the briefing:

  • We check the location where the product will be exposed.
  • Competition Research: acquisition of similar products.
  • Consumer Research: research of the culture and the social patterns of the target audience.

Packaging Research / product history:

  • Study of the productions, plants and projects carried out for the product
  • Technical study: research of the material and the process that will be used for the manufacture of packaging
  • Label: gathering of the information that will build the packaging (codes, seal, details, dates)
  • Packaging Purpose: Conditioning, description and analysis of what interferes in the purchase decision

Issues to be discussed:

  • Market Situation
  • Data about the product or service
  • Comparison of the product / service vs competition
  • Marketing Objectives: Positioning, Target audience and location
  • Communication Objectives: Campaign Theme, InvestmentsSchedule

Creation Concepts:

  • Selling Points: emotional, rational or not linked to the company’s image
  • What is the product image? Emotional, Rational, Promises, actual or subjective benefits
  • What is the social behavior? Idea / Concept – Key Picture , Key phrase
  • Campaign Theme: what to say and how to say it, approach research

Basic Areas of perception:

  • Physical: Functional Product
  • Emotional Concept: Feelings

Product Concept

  • Attributes and their tangibility

Consumer Perception:

  • The consumer does not separate the product from the packaging
  • Packaging creates empathy, identifying it with the product (psychological)
  • Emotional values prevail over rational
  • The consumer can tell when a package is good
  • Packaging decide choosing a product!

Steps for Creating Packages

  • Briefing (collecting information from both – the company and the specific material)
  • Machine Plant (art creation based on the measures of industry machinery)
  • Texts (weight, ingredients, barcodes etc)
  • Art Direction and layout of the material
  • Approval Print / Mock Up
  • Corrections and adjustments
  • Final Approval
  • Close file with graphic patterns