Awesome work

Thank you so much we are very happy with our website you guys have been a great help!

Very nice

Everyone was very professional and responses were timely.

Thanks a lot!

You guys were the best! Thank you !

It was good!

Thank you very much, it was good!

I have had a great experience with Lytron since the beginning with Guilherme who was very attentive in answering all my questions and getting the process started, Guilherme is a joy to work with

Highly recommend them to anyone

We appreciated the personalized service we received. Lytron does a great work! Highly recommend them to anyone.

It really helped expedite the process.

Great....I did prefer not emailing and working directly with Delandro via google plus, it really helped expedite the process.


Quality, reliability and professionalism made you guys get far. Congratulations!

Thank you!

Very helpful and knowledgeable.

I liked the way I was treated!

I was treated politely and the team was very charismatic. Thank you!

Great team!

Great team, Very professional!


Awesome and experienced team! Thank you!

I'm impressed with the work.

Very professional ! I'll recommend .
Thanks each one of you whom worked on Fit on U Alterations website specially Delandro.


Thank you Lytron!

In all these years in business (since 1987), we've never dealt with a company that was so dedicated and cared so much.
We want to thank you all, you really help us a lot!
Jerry Maciel, Texas

Great Experience!

Its been a great experience dealing with Rachel and Valeria

As usual...

The customer service and experience were perfect!


Awesome work and communication!!

Thiago Pontes

The Lytron Team provides great service and has been helping us to build what we envision.

PSA Services Inc
My experience with Lytron was great!

They are very professional, on time and experienced.

Santuario do Bom Jesus
We would like to thank ...

We would like to thank Rachel Vaudreuil for the excellent job She accomplished. She was very professional at all times and We are very happy with the final design.

Unique, perfect team

I have no words for such perfection team.
How would you describe God: Unique, owner of everything.
What about Lytron: Unique, perfect team, skills for the job they are given for, and everything directed by God.

Thanks, Marcelo Ribeiro

Best Company

I'm very satisfied of the work that lytron did for my company, they are very good friends and very good trade professionals.

thank you guys for being so awesome and having patience with my busy schedulle , my site looks awesomeee!!!

thank you guys for being so awesome and having patience with my busy schedulle , my site looks awesomeee!!!

Best Design and Service in town!

Lytron Team is very dear to my heart for many reasons, but most of all because of the dedication and respect that all of them had with my project. The patience to teach me how to get the best of my business image and the support from beginning to end was just some of the most qualities that tied me with this great Company since 2009. Thank you!

Casa do Pastel

Wonderful company! We love the site ... and the most important was delivered at the correct due date ..
Thank you Guilherme.

Special thanks to Guilherme, Rachel and Robson!

I want to thank you for your time and dedication on my new website. I'm very happy with the work.You guys are awesome. I have had such a great experience with everything with Lytron.
Special thanks to Guilherme, Rachel and Robson!

We want to thank you for your time and dedication

We want to thank you for your time and dedication that you provide us to develop the project on our website. In recent months we have seen increased traffic for our business right through our website that you manage. When we have presented a problem related to our website, the response of executives to help was prompt and effective. Thanks again LYTRON are highly recommended

Highly recommended!

Working with Lytron Marketing Web Agency was one of the best business decisions we've ever made.
Their attention to detail, ability to creatively meet our design goals, communication throughout the process, and desire to provide us with the best possible product to reach our target audience made for an amazing working relationship and positive experience.
We are so happy with the great number of calls (around 300/month) that we've been receiving since we decided to start the process of SEO that they offer.
Thank you Lytron – you have truly earned our loyalty.

The staff is very helpful and professional. Rachel is a great designer and has been very patient and efficient during the whole process.

Daniella Fayette

Like any other project, I had some trials during the making of the page, however, dealing with Delandro was a very rewarding experience 'cause he's not only helpful but also quite professional and he made up for all the difficulties encountered on the way. Delandro worked on the page with diligence and he is very polite. I think he makes Lytron look good before its customers.

Jose Massegossa

It was a great pleasure to wotk with Lytron, excellent professionals with high technology. They work with their clients in their projects until is 100% as we want it. Thank you very much!

Fabiano Machado

Delandro has been a tremendous asset in our efforts to upgrade our webpage. He has been reliable, patient, and courteous. Thank you!!

Amphay Champathong

Excellent job!! Very happy with Lytron.
Miriam Umpierrez

Great experience.
Excellence translated in results

Our company has hired Lytron Design for several projects, and every time they have exceeded our expectations. We have managed to have a privileged position in search engines both in the US and overseas, due to their continuing monitoring of site rankings, and professional-level support that has allowed us to confidently outsource our e-marketing department. Highly recommend their services for anyone looking to bring their business to the next level.

Gambino Fashion Consulting

Lytron is a wonderful company, since the first day when I had a meeting with Gio it was simply awesome. Customer service has been always incredible, Fernanda also has been very nice and attentive. I am extremely happy with the web designer that worked on my project, his name is Delandro Taylor and he is really an amazing designer, he went an extra mile every time we have talked to, he helped me in all my requests, needs on my site, changes, meetings, he has been always there for me, very attentive and helpful, doing everything in a perfect way, as the entire company and team are. I am really happy with Lytron!!!!! I am very thankful and in reality there is no words that will fit here the great compliments about Lytron, Gio, Fernanda, Delandro Taylor and everyone involved on my new website!

Vivian - CEO

I had a great experience with Lytron. I could not be there all the time when they asked me to so that is the reason it took more time to finalize my website but it´s the way I wanted and they did everything to give me that. My special thank you to Rachel.


Overall 10/10 very professional and efficient.

I can't thank the Lytron team enough for the great service they have been providing during the last few months. Not only they designed and created a sleek, professional and efficient website (HawaiiVideoPro.com), but also developed its SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and now my website is converting clicks into leads. Since they started my SEO campaign a few months ago, something has changed in my business - I don't have to network as much anymore - now clients are contacting me frequently - something that I'm very pleased with. The design work and process was also outstanding. I was able to work virtually with the designer in Oahu - we were able to share our computer screens and work together on the finalization process of my website. They also taught me how to make simple updates on my website. I can't thank Lytron enough for their professionalism and work - If you want to have an edge over your competition and be seen and found on the world wide web, make sure to contact Lytron! You'll be pleased! This is the greatest ROI (Return on Investment) I had so far in my business"

Steven Stepniewski (Circles Enterprises)

The Lytron team has been an outstanding and execptional group to work with from the very beginning. We would definitely recommend them to anyone that is looking to redo /revamp or create new presence in the marketplace.

SightTrust Eye Institute

Overall the experience was positive. Delandro was very diligent in getting our requests and design accomplished. I would have liked to have had the site up and running much earlier, but understand there are always unforeseen circumstances that occur. Thank you everyone!

Trust Waikiki

Hi,I loved working with Lytron because they did exactly what I was thinking. It was really nice

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